Answers for Today (Volume Two)


By Omar Gjerness

-from the preface:

“[Omar Gjerness] stands in a short line of key doctrinal teachers for the Lutheran Brethren, including K.O. Lundeberg, E.M. Broen, M.E. Sletta, and E.M. Strom. He has faithfully taught a new generation out of the biblical convictions received from his predecessors.

In a way, every reader of [this book] is a student of Professor Gjerness. He has written the “Answers for Today” column in Faith & Fellowship magazine since 1979. In doing so, he has served as an informal, but valued, resource to all the people of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. He has presented biblical and distinctively Lutheran Brethren answers to all sorts of questions from Faith & Fellowship readers, as can be seen in this volume.

This book is the second collection of “Answers for Today” columns. I pray and trust that it will be both enlightening and faith strengthening for every reader.”

Brent Juliot, editor (Advent, 2001)


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