Answers for Today (Volume One)


By Omar Gjerness

“When I became editor of Faith & Fellowship, the magazine of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren, Pastor Omar Gjerness was the first person invited to have a column. He had often spoken at the Family Bible Camp in the district where I had been pastor. A regular feature when he came was a question and answer forum. These were always well attended and often lasted until late into the night. It was not surprising then that I should ask him to write a question and answer column when I was elected to my new post.

Wherever I go people tell me how much they appreciate Pastor Gjerness’ column. This book is a collection I have taken from these ten years of questions and answers. It touches many topics and many scripture passages.

I believe these articles will be a blessing to those who read. Answers for Today is sent forth to the church with the prayer that the Lord of the Church will multiply blessings through it.”

-David Rinden, editor (Pentecost, 1989)


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