Statement on Missional Theology


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The 2008 Church of the Lutheran Brethren Annual Convention passed a motion that called for the formation of a Study Committee on Missional Theology which would draft an exegetical paper (and/or a position paper that is exegetically anchored) delineating the implications of these teachings for faith and life, which was to be considered by the 2009 Annual Convention of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. The President’s office selected seven individuals to serve in this task and the committee launched a working strategy which included a preliminary list of readings (see below) essential to understanding the primary and foundational teachings of missional theology, out of which committee members identified terms and concepts that were essential to the study, and constructed a topical framework for writing the paper.

Our goal in the project was 3-fold, drawn from a December 11, 2008 letter from President Egge:

1. to provide a basis for understanding missional theology

2. to provide an exegetically-based standard by which pastors and congregations can assess missional theology

3. to provide a working guide for pastors, congregations and individuals to apply missional theology as they participate in God’s mission.

The paper was distributed to our congregations on May 17th, 2010, and it was reviewed and acted upon by the CLB Theological Council and the Council of Directors who brought the recommendation to the 2010 convention. The 2010 convention voted to adopt the Statement with several amendments, which have been updated on the current copy available for download below.

The Study Committee on Missional Theology counted it a privilege to serve our CLB church family in this way, and we very much sensed the weight of such an important assignment. We now commit the results of this work to our church family as we corporately seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.



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